What is the Alexander Technique?

"We can throw away the habit of a lifetime in a few minutes if we use our brains."
F. M. Alexander

The Alexander Technique is an educational process which teaches the recognition of poor postural habits and excess muscular tension in movement. These habits usually develop unconsciously and are often the cause of unnecessary stress and injury. By making these habits conscious and by learning to control them, the student can eliminate pain; move in a fluid and dynamic manner and change how they respond to life in general. The Alexander Technique teaches the expansion of the whole self, thus, affecting mind, body and spirit.

Frederick Mathias Alexander, who originated the technique over 100 years ago, was a firm believer in self-responsibility. His research proved that all thought is reflected in muscle behavior and that we have much more control over thought than we realize. Though not a scientist, Alexander's life long of human consciousness and movement was thoroughly scientific. His work has been hailed by scientists and artists alike.

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