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Kari Prindl, Certified Teacher in the Alexander Technique

"Kinesthetic awareness is crucial to a balanced life."
Kari Prindl

Kari Prindl, certified instructor in the Alexander Technique

Kari Prindl grew up around the world before graduating in English with a concentration in theatre at Oberlin College in 1987. At Oberlin, she also took cello lessons at the conservatory and was seriously involved with the dance department.

After college, she moved to San Francisco where she danced daily until a major injury forced her to stop. Though the injury created crisis, it also lead her to the discovery of the Alexander Technique. Kari spent three years at the Alexander Training Institute-SF with Frank Ottiwell and received her certification in 1992.

From 1992 to the present day, Kari has taught group classes and lessons in her private practice. She has also worked extensively with musicians and actors both at the Community Music Center and at the American Conservatory Theatre. She also spent several years working with populations at risk, such as recovering drug addicts and those with HIV.

Kari enriches her work with continuing lessons in the Alexander Technique, swimming, yoga and with the study of other modalities such as Feldenkrais and Cranial Sacral Therapy. She is gentle, open and profoundly interested in consciousness and healthy functioning. She provides lessons tailored to each student in a calm environment in which to explore and learn.